Friday, March 18, 2011


This is him doing his Leprechaun dance, I wish I had a video because it was very entertaining to watch, especially since he usually doesn't dance!

HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY! So I found out this year that yes I am married to a Leprechaun! So Shawn loves St. Patricks day and has always wanted to dress up as a Leprechaun. So this year he fulfilled one of his life long dreams! He started growing a beard back in October and started telling the kids that he was growing it so that he could be a Leprechaun on St. Patricks day. Well once he started telling them that there was no way he could get out of it. He may have said at times that he didn't want to but he totally did. He went out and got me everything I needed to make his Leprechaun outfit. It got brought up at his work so there then turned out to be a costume contest and yes of course he won, how could of he not he looked just like a Leprechaun! Just a few feet to tall! Remie got so excited and started telling her teacher that her dad was going to dress up and come to school with her. So he went over to the school and went into her class and my nephew Crews class. The kids all loved it and Remie was so excited! He also went into her old kindergarten class and the teacher had the kids ask him some questions. One question was "Aren't you to big to be a leprechaun?" His response was, "Have you seen the movie elf? I am one of those!" Classic! It cracked me up! He then went to dance with Remie and went into all the dance classes. Then went and visted our other nephew Steele who I think was totally scared of him! He had a great time being a leprechaun and Rem and Ryks loved it! I love watching him with our kids they love there lucky leprechaun so much and are so lucky to have him! He will definatly have to start growing a beard every October now I don't think the kids will let him get away with not! It started out as only his favorite holidays but I think now that it is a family favorite! Love you LUCKY LEPRECHAUN!


bonnie said...

FIRST of all your family is getting cuter and cuter every single day. AND second Shawn rocks. I love the costume, how totally fun.

Meal Makin Momma said...

Ummm... We love your Lucky Leprechaun too!!! He's quite the dude!

JoMamma said...

That is so awesome. I love it!!