Friday, March 18, 2011


This is him doing his Leprechaun dance, I wish I had a video because it was very entertaining to watch, especially since he usually doesn't dance!

HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY! So I found out this year that yes I am married to a Leprechaun! So Shawn loves St. Patricks day and has always wanted to dress up as a Leprechaun. So this year he fulfilled one of his life long dreams! He started growing a beard back in October and started telling the kids that he was growing it so that he could be a Leprechaun on St. Patricks day. Well once he started telling them that there was no way he could get out of it. He may have said at times that he didn't want to but he totally did. He went out and got me everything I needed to make his Leprechaun outfit. It got brought up at his work so there then turned out to be a costume contest and yes of course he won, how could of he not he looked just like a Leprechaun! Just a few feet to tall! Remie got so excited and started telling her teacher that her dad was going to dress up and come to school with her. So he went over to the school and went into her class and my nephew Crews class. The kids all loved it and Remie was so excited! He also went into her old kindergarten class and the teacher had the kids ask him some questions. One question was "Aren't you to big to be a leprechaun?" His response was, "Have you seen the movie elf? I am one of those!" Classic! It cracked me up! He then went to dance with Remie and went into all the dance classes. Then went and visted our other nephew Steele who I think was totally scared of him! He had a great time being a leprechaun and Rem and Ryks loved it! I love watching him with our kids they love there lucky leprechaun so much and are so lucky to have him! He will definatly have to start growing a beard every October now I don't think the kids will let him get away with not! It started out as only his favorite holidays but I think now that it is a family favorite! Love you LUCKY LEPRECHAUN!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Boy is growing way to fast!

I cannot believe he is growing so fast! This week he decided he was going to roll over and start to eat cereal. I can not believe he is 20 weeks! Why can't they stay in that little baby stage for longer. It makes me sad but I love each new stage they come to! He is such a happy boy and makes everyone in our house smile. He loves his big sisters if they walk in the room he follows them and when they look at him he gets a huge grin on his face. I think he looks forward to when Remie gets home from school because as soon as she walks in she picks him up and bounces him. If he is upset it calms him right down. Ryklee tries to do everything her sister does with him to help, gotta love it but sometimes it is a little to helpful! He loves her though. I am so glad I got a little boy. He is so much fun and I am hoping a little less dramatic than his sisters, we will see! He just needs to slow down, how do I pause time?

He was smiling until I would pick up the camera to take a picture then he turned very serious!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

We had a great Christmas this year! Kids make Christmas so fun! I love watching there faces as they walk into the room and see the lights on the tree glowing and the presents under it! I thought this year that we would definatly be having to deal with the kids waking up at 3 in the morning but no at 7 Shawn was so ansy and could not wait any longer and he had to wake them up. My favorite part of Christmas morning was we got up there and the kids wanted to read there letters from Santa very first and then they was very concerned about me and Shawn opening the presents that they made for us before they opened theirs. It made me so happy I love my little kiddos! Remie made me a blanket this year(with the help of her amazing Grandma)that I absolutey love! Best Christmas present I could have received. Then the kids made Shawn an apron with there hand prints on it. He loves to cook and loves his new apron! Mom, Dad and Brennan came down and watched the kids open their presents and then we went up to their house and had breakfast and just enjoyed being there with them! We are so grateful for all the family we have around us! We hope everyone had a great Christmas and I hope this next year can be a great year for everyone!

Razdyn wondering what the heck it is that Santa brought him and not quite sure what is going on! I love this little boy! His little face just makes me smile!

The girls opened up their helment in the house and thought that they was helmets for their bikes we had to tell them they might want to look outside cause we thought those helmets might be for something a little bigger than their bikes! I am not sure what they thought about their go-cart but after going out and riding it they love it!

Mom and Dad gave the kids books that was personlized with their names as the main character and then some of their cousins names were through out it. Mom also made all of the grandkids matching pajama pants. These was 2 of Remies favorite Christmas present. All the kids looked so cute in there pj's!

1st grade Christmas Program

I could not have been a prouder Mom this day! Watching Remie in her 1st grade Christmas Program was so fun! She was so cute and loved singing all of the Christmas songs! She had to do all of the actions just perfect with the songs! It brought tears to my ears and made me giggle all at the same time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is the only recent pic I could load on here since Calie does most of the pic taking anyway, So let me start off by saying I never give my wife enough credit for EVERYTHING she does. I never, ever tell her enough how greatfull I am for her and all she does. From the time she gets up in the morning till she goes to sleep she is running, and typically it is for everyone but her, Doing hair, keeping up with kids, homework, dance stuff, helping out at the school, and then dealing with me, not to mention all then other things life throws at her. She honestly works so hard and never gets told enough how much it is noticed. Thank You Love.
From the time we had been dating till now I see how much her love for me has changed (somedays more then others granted) but always I know that no matter what happens during the day back then and now, she will always give me a big hug and tell me she loves me. The children are so lucky to have her. I know right now they might be a bit on the crazy side but she always will be the one to look at me and tell me to remember they are kids and enjoy them.
Calie I am so happy to have you in my life, I know there are ups and downs, some amazing and others amazingly disasterous, but always your there to say you love me. I always remember that night at the park when we sat and ate Kit Kats and Hot Cocoa and talked about how no matter or how bad anything ever will get, not only does candy and cocoa taste delicious, but that we will always be happy with each other. I love you for that, for the simplicity of us. We have had some major things go on, but still we sip our Cocoa and enjoy the Kit Kats. I love you so much and hoe you take time for yourself to realize how much not only I love you but your amazingly crazy children do as well. Keep smiling and know that we all love you no matter what. K. Your Fam Always and Forever.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Where does the time go?

So this is a few days late but I guess better late than never! It was my little(well not so litte) Remies birthday last week! 7 years old! HOLY CRAP, that kills me! Happy Birthday Rems, I love you! I don't know I think about what a blessing she is to us every birthday but for some reason this birthday I was really emotional about it all! I thought all day about all the emotions, blessings, and feelings that came the day she was born, there was a lot of them! I am just so thankful that I have her and the I get to be her mom! She is such a special girl and she makes all of us so happy! She is the best big sister and I am so thankful for that! Her little sis and brother love her so much! So on her birthday the poor little thing was sick. I felt so bad she woke up at 5 in the morning because she was so excited to go to school on her birthday and celebrate with all her friends at school when we told her she couldn't go because she was sick she cried for about an hour. It broke my heart. She kept saying I can't stay home and just do nothing on my birthday. Well this little girl is a lucky one and has a great dad so after we laid around and didn't do much during the day he suggested that we go get gingerbread houses to build, a movie and we could cook dinner at home. So he put a movie on and I was in starting dinner when the baby starts crying so he tells me to go sit down and get him feed. I was in the other room for about 15 minutes and when I went back into the kitchen he had been very busy. He had asked Remie a couple days before her birthday where her favorite place to eat was and what her favorite meal was and she told him she wanted to go to the Old Spagetti Factory and have spagetti and meatballs. So he made her spagetti and meatballs he had a tablecloth out with seven candles in the middle of the table and had it all set and ready for a candle light dinner. He even found our favorite Spamoni ice cream we get there. She was in watching her movie and had no idea what was going on. So when it was all ready me, Shawn and Ryklee sat at the table and yelled at her to come eat. When she walked in we all started singing Happy Birthday. You should have seen the look on her face! It was so cute she was so excited! Her daddy loves this little girl and tries everything he can to make her feel so special! It was such a fun night and made her birthday! Things said about Remie around the dinner table: Ryklee-"I love that my sissy plays school, house and dance with me." Mom-"I love what a big helper Remie is. She is always willing to help me out with whatever I ask!" Dad-"I love what a great big sister she is and how she is so good with her brother and sister!" Razdyn and Ryklee both light up when she walks in the house from school. One of the first things she does is picks her brother up and bounces him. If he is screaming he stops immediatly! Happy Birthday Rem! And thank you Shawn for being an amazing dad and making sure she had a special day. I got to take her on Friday for her birthday with her grams, and her aunts and girl cousins from my side of the family to Park City and stay in Hotel, it was a PARTY! So fun, I am glad everyone was able to make it and celebrate with us! We ate lots of food, swam and stayed up tell 2:30 in the morning chatting! Thanks for coming everyone we love you!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Amazing Tree Experiance

So on Sunday we took a family outing to go cut down a Christmas Tree. We decided last year we were going to try to start a new Family tradition by going and cutting down our own tree. I threw out the fake one just to make sure we dont give in. Dagan and Whit were nice enough to hook us up with a permit (Thanks Wade, Dagan, and Whit) and then they invited us to go along on the adventure with them. Heaven only knows what would have happened if we would have tried it on our own. It was a beautiful day and a great experiance. We started out with three 4 wheelers and 2 snowmobiles to get 13 of us into find trees, do to difficulties with the snow and 4 wheelers we ended up with 2 snowmobiles (a couple of sleds use your imaginatioon) to get 13 of us back in the trees. Dagan and JC created the shuttle service and i dont think there sleds were really meant to cary that many people. We got to the trees and found some great picks. Ryklee had to have a walking stick and i dont know how many time someone almost lost an eye. We got the tree Rems and Ryks wanted and took it home. Highlight of the trip has got to be Dagan getting his unstuckable sled stuck and plastering Whit and Ryks with snow and mud. We got the trees loaded and finished the day with a couple of trips down the sledding hill. The girls had a blast and didnt want to leave. I hope this is a tradition for the ages. Definatly a must. Thanks Dagan and Whit, and Fam for the good times.